Teeter Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit Review

Teeter Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit Review
Teeter Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit Review

Inversion therapies play an important role to relieve your back pain. Some physical therapists suggest the use of an inversion table on a regular basis to get relief from back pain and muscle soreness.

Among dozens of inversion tables, Teeter inversion table is a special model for everyone. It is designed to treat your back pain in a longer-lasting way. The Teeter inversion table elevates the experience of users with its features and accessories.

Teeter Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit
Teeter Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit

With its ankle system, smooth and extra-long ratcheting handle can reduce strain and bend while securing your ankle supports.

Lumbar Bridge and acupressure nodes are integrated so that you can modify the stretch by adding pressure for healing and increasing decompression. With EZ-Stretch Traction Handles, it is easy to do decompression and stretching.

Large handles offer maximum assistant and support. EZ-angle Tether enables you to mark a preset inversion angle at 20, 40 or 60 degrees. You can easily adjust it for the type of your body.

It is easy to fold and store this table to a compact space. Teeter inversion table can easily fit your lifestyle and make your active without any pain. You can get better body and back.

How does it work?

Teeter is effective inversion table to decompress your spine and stretch supporting muscles to alleviate muscle tension, sciatica, back pain, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, spinal curvature and spinal stenosis due to tight muscles, facet syndrome, and muscle spasm.

Teeter table always outperforms in the competition with its UL certificate for its easy of assembly, rotation control, and endurance. With its high-grade material, it ensures maximum durability. Patented security features include heat-treated parts of steel, pivot bearings, cam locks, auto-locking hinges.

Key Features

Relax, decompress and stretch muscles naturally with the help of inversion table to fit the shape of your body while enhancing mobilization and stretching of your joints.

Special Ergo-Embrace Ankle system is designed with pressure-reducing cups of foam that comfortably distribute your body weight around heel and foot. For better inversion experience, Teeter inversion table can be a good choice.

EZ-Reach Ankle System:

It features extended handle and triple-lock security to decrease the bending need while securing your ankles.

Ergo Embrace Supports:

It surround the ankle to equally distribute your weight equally around the heels and feet. With adjustable foot platform, you can modify it as per your comfort. The ankle comfort dial will increase your comfort level.

Traction and Stretch Handles:

You can add decompression at slighter angles or option to mildly release and push handle for rhythmic and smooth oscillation. The extra-long grip proves helpful for stretching.

Stretch-and Grip Handholds:

It is designed in the ComfortTrak bed and frame for maximum decompression and stretching options.

Precision Balancing:

Inversion with Teeter table is easy because you can adjust its height as per you and lock your ankles to relax and recline. Arm movement will shift the weight of your body while rotating it with minimum efforts.

Pre-set Rotation Choices:

EZ-angle tether is designed with preset marks at almost 20, 40 or 60 degrees angle for rotational and adjustable control. You can secure the lockout for full inversion during stretching and exercising.

Space-Saving Foldable Storage:

You can store Teeter in a few seconds by folding it in a few seconds and conserve your space. It will not require disassembly. The storage dimensions are 50.8 cm x 73.2 cm x 167.6 cm (20.0 in. x 28.8 in. x 66.0 in.).

Simplest Assembly:

You can experience the benefits of Teeter inversion table within 13 minutes of its use. It arrives preassembled, but a colorful manual from the manufacturer is also available for its assembly and use.

Additional Features

Along with some basic features, the Teeter Inversion table is equipped with some special features, such as:

TeeterLink App:

It can enhance your exigence and offer you access to the collaborating 3D instructions to track its usage, assembly and pain level. You can get reminders and support on a frequent basis.

Lumbar Bridge and Acupressure Nodes:

These are sold separately and attach right on the table bed to deliver support and trigger-point release of the lower back for deep decompression.

Comfortrak Bed:

The contoured bed flexes offers comfort and the smooth surface promote the sliding of your body to optimize back pain and stretch relief.


Teeter offers 5-year full warranty and easy 5-step warranty. You can purchase this table with confidence because warranty is available.


Heavy-gauge steel parts and patented security features make it a durable choice for everyone. You can get the advantage of this table, but make sure to consider these pros and cons.


  • Relax, decompress and stretch your muscles naturally
  • Relieve your back pain, increase flexibility, tone muscles and improve the health of your joints
  • ComforTrak bed features pressure-reducing shape to fit easily with your own body shape
  • With Ergo-Embrace Ankle system, you can distribute your body weight around heel and foot
  • Meet safety and high-quality standards


  • Can be expensive for this class
  • The system weight 73.4 pounds and it is really heavy to move from one place to another

Final Verdict

Get relief with Teeter in just a few minutes. Once you start using Teeter, you will be able to live an active and healthy life. Teeter is efficient and designed to decompress your spine and stretch your supporting muscles to treat muscle tension, back pain, disc disease degenerative, spinal stenosis, herniated discs and stretch support.

With patented ankle cups and extended ankle lock handles, it is easy to control the functions of Teeter. It comes with a 5-year warranty for its parts. You can fold it for storage and keep it on a compact space.

You can balance your body in a better way with the help of pre-set rotation and precision balance. Traction handles are good for oscillation. The table comes with a DVD and colorful user guide for its assembly and constant use.

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