Merax Vibration Massage & Heat Comfort Inversion Table Review

Merax vibration heat and massage comfort inversion table is a special release for the treatment of back pain. The table is equipped with high-density ultra-thick padding, vibration heat and massage and back support.

An inversion table is famous to release vertebrae pressure, nerve compression, elongating the spine, relaxing muscles and proper circulation of fluid. If you are suffering from back pain, hip, and neck pain, you can use this inversion table for a natural therapy.

Merax Vibration Massage & Heat Comfort Inversion Table
Merax Vibration Massage & Heat Comfort Inversion Table

You can improve the strength and shock absorption on your ankle, hip ligaments and knee.

You can decrease the effects of aging with the help of inversion therapy. The massage function is useful for a tired body. The massager is detachable; therefore, you can easily remove it if you want inversion therapy without it.

With all its special features, the inversion table may relieve pain and stress without any medication. You can have maximum control of everything with ankle and arms. A substantial and adjustable foam roller will nicely secure your ankles.

How does it work?

Merax inversion therapy table relaxes your back muscles and elongates your spine. You can use it to relieve pressure on the nerve roots and ligaments of the spinal cord. Relax your back muscles for better support to your vertebrae.

Relax your tense muscles and easily reduce nerve pressure while focusing on your hips, neck, and back. Improve your ligament strength and shock absorption for ankles, knees, and hips. You can develop and tone your core muscles leading to flexibility and enhanced performance.

It will promote the stimulation of blood circulation to treat your stiff muscles. Inversion therapy proves helpful to decrease the aging effect due to enormity.

Key Features

Merax vibration offers a great blend of massage and vibration tech with traditional table for inversion therapy. You can make the game really exiting with the use of inversion therapy table. Here are some key features of Merax vibration massage.

Heat and Massage Pad:

The Merax features a massage and heat pad that spans the whole length of your back. You can get maximum coverage for your back. This special model is a good option for all those people who are suffering from back pain.

Backrests Shape:

Merax vibration massage features raised side backrest similar to a car seat. This unique shape can offer maximum comfort and enable you to get rid of your lower back pain.

Braces for Ankle Support:

Merax features adjustable and oversized foam rollers that can easily fit around your ankles. You can get the advantage of different style of ankle braces. The detachable massage and heating pads are useful to relieve muscle tension and sooth your back pain.

Durable and Sturdy Design:

Merax inversion able is designed with durable tubular steel frame. The unit weighs almost 63 pounds and its dimensions are 59 x 26 x 47-inches. It is a durable equipment that can bear almost 300 pounds. You can stretch your body to a maximum level with better inverting grips. Enjoy comfy and controllable movement and suspend your body upside down and enhance your flexibility and posture.

Adjust Machine at Right Angle:

With dual deluxe pin system, you can easily adjust the inversion table to its right position. It is suitable for anyone between 4’10” and 6’3”. It is good for safe and easy operations. You can use gravity and your energy to move this inversion table.

User Manual:

It comes with easy to follow and clear instructions. With heat and massager, it offers maximum relief from stress and pain. It will relax your body and enable you to treat your lower back pain. For maximum comfort and relaxation, this inversion able can be an ideal choice for you.

Additional Features

Along with some key features, here are numerous additional features of Merax vibration massage inversion table.

Exceptional Design:

Merax inversion able features a durable steel tubular frame and it can manage more than 300 pounds weight of human. Its design makes this table easy to use and move around. With its extra generous padding, you can get the feel of plush mattress.

Vibration Massage:

The Merax heat comfort table kicks the things to a higher level with its vibration motor built-in in the traditional table to massage your body while stretching your body. Try it and feel great effects on your muscles.


It comes with 1-year limited warranty from Merax to give you a peace of mind. You can purchase this table without any tension.


Combination of traditional table and vibration technology for massage makes this machine an ideal choice to decrease back pain, relieve stress, improve posture and flexibility. You can suspend your body in a comfortable position. This vibration massage inversion table has some pros and cons.


  • Unique blend of inversion table and massage technology.
  • Removable massager and vibration heat will relieve your back pain and stress
  • You can adjust oversized rollers to secure your ankles
  • Pivot placement for arm offers you amazing control on the movement of table
  • High density and ultra-thick foam for enjoyment and comfort
  • Easy to transport and store with its foldable design


  • Can be expensive than other models
  • Poor assembly instructions


Final Verdict

Merax vibration massage inversion table comes with heat and vibration massager. It comes with numerous advanced features and qualities. You can get maximum support for your back and muscles.

If you are suffering from chronic back pain, you can consider this inversion table. It is quite easy to use this inversion table. Just rest your body on the table and lock your feet with the help of ankle supports.

It will be easy to reach your arm on your head. Once your arms go upward, the body will slowly invert until you are upside down. You will use your gravity and energy to relax your back muscles, ligaments of spinal cords and roots of your nerves.

Just relax your back muscles and offer maximum support to your vertebrae. With 15 to 20 minutes regular exercise, you can develop and tone your muscles.

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