Innova ITX9700 Memory Foam Inversion Table

With Innova ITX9700 Memory Foam Inversion Table, you can experience the benefits of comfortable inversion on the durable table. With lumbar pad for cold and hot compress with a detachable head pillow, you can get extra comfort and support. Memory foam therapy tables are design with lumbar bar for cold and hot compresses to sooth during inversion.

The unique 4-position inversion pin on side replaces the old strap, and it is easy to adjust. Simply make inversions of varying degree without any risk. You should find out a comfortable inversion position for you.

With its new ankle and heel cups, you can pull the pin adjustment and securely hold your ankles. The soft handle bars are good for comfortable inversion and easy return to your upright position. The frame is durable and foldable for easy storage.

Special Features

  • Large backrest with memory foam and padded head pillow for inverting
  • Lumbar pad for cold and hot compress
  • 4-position flexible safety pin for safe inverting and easy positioning
  • Added comfort with foam handlebars
  • Accommodate 300 lbs. heavy users
  • Boast your weight capacity and make a versatile table
  • Assembling will be a breeze for new users
  • Maximum cushion for added comfort while hanging your own body
  • Increase versatility with a number of settings
  • You may not like vinyl support on back
  • Ankle holders require some modification
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