Health Gear Advanced Inversion Technology With Vibro Massage & Heat review

Health Gear Advanced Inversion Technology
Health Gear Advanced Inversion Technology

Health Gear Advanced Inversion table is a modern and advanced technology with adjustable massage and vibro heat. It can give a comfortable massage to your body at a reasonable price. Its maximum user’s weight capacity is almost 300 pounds.

While you are sitting or standing, your spine will be compressed throughout the day and puts 50 percent pressure on your back.

Health-Gear-Advanced-Inversion-TechnologyWith the use of this table, you can get rid of tension on back, shoulder and neck, ligaments and nerve roots. It can enhance the dynamics of your muscles to reduce the tension and stress. It will relax your muscles and whole body.

After exercising on Health Gear Advanced Inversion, you can bring improvement in your posture, promote stretching your back and legs without extra efforts and increase the blood circulation in your body.

It is a good method to provide fresh oxygen to your body. It is a durable product and safe for people up to 300 lbs. The stable heavy gauge tube frame offers maximum protection to your body and secures your ankles with dense foam rollers.

The foam rollers are adjustable. It features the scratch resistant design with powder coated finish so that you can use it for many years.

How does it work?

Relieve stress, muscles aches and back pressure with advanced heat and massage Deluxe inversion table. It is designed with durable steel tubing and future three position inversion pin for easy adjustment.

The massage and heat lumbar pads will improve blood circulation in your body. With its enclosed central rotational bar, it prevents any pinch points.

Key Features

Health Gear Advanced Inversion table is designed with massage and heat vibro. This inversion table is equipped with numerous unique features.

Meet Performance and Safety Standards:

Health gear is one of the leading brands among national retailers of inversion tables. Unlike various other models available on the online and physical markets, all units are approved and tested to UL 50-point performance and safety standards.

Designed to Treat Back Pain:

The Health Gear Advanced Inversion table addresses your back pain in two methods, such as provide back relief through 3-inches plush foam in the racing style headrest with massage and therapeutic heat. There is no need to bend over to unlock and lock the ankle while exiting and entering the inversion table.

Oversized Rollers:

Adjustable and high-density foam rollers are particularly designed to secure your legs while inversion. With oversized padding, you can insure that the back of your calf will not feel any harsh punch.

Deluxe Massage and Heat Pad:

You can treat yourself with the help of complete therapeutic experience with the use of virbo massage pad. It is a removable pad that offers three invigorating functions of massage paired with the soothing heat options.

Additional Features

The Health Gear Advanced Inversion table is special for its unique qualities. This is equipped with the given features.

Portable Comfort to Relieve Sore Backs:

The vibro massage is a portable and light weight pad that is easy to use while it is attached to the inversion table. It is easy to remove to relax on bed or lounge chair.

Warm Up and Relax:

Before inversion, spend 5 to 10 minutes on table to release stress and tension. The oversized massage pad is designed to relax your muscles. The portable massage pad is good for office, home and travel use.

Multifunction Controller for Easy Adjustment for Massage:

The Health Gear Advanced Inversion table is equipped with a convenient hand controller that enables you to easily adjust your massage by modifying its heat, intensity and time. You can control it easily with this controller while lying on your inversion table.


You can get limited warranty for almost 30 days to 1-year for different aspects of inversion table.


Health Gear Advanced Inversion table has numerous features and you can call it an excellent deal for your back pain and stress. Here are some good and bad points of this special table.

Video Review


  • Durable steel tubing for longer life
  • Extra-wide and extra-long padded backrest for support and comfort
  • Three position inversion pin in the side for easy adjustments
  • Encased middle rotational bar to avoid pinch points
  • Designed for 5’1” – 6’5” tall users and 300 lbs. maximum user weight capacity
  • Easy to store in a small space
  • Four Foam leg durable rollers


  • Can be difficult to move from one place to another
  • Design of the wire used for the back pad to AC adapter should be improved
  • May not work well with maximum weight limit

Final Verdict

Experience the benefits of advanced inversion technology with Health Gear Advanced Inversion table. You can enjoy soothing effects with vibration massage and heat therapy. The backrest features a racing style, and it offers maximum support and comfort.

If you want some relaxation, the massage features will help you. The adjustable massage pad is ideal to use in different situations. The three position inversion pin enables you to choose a safe angle of inversion quickly.

You can pin it to get inversions between 20, 40 and 60 degrees inversion. It will not require any lower strap. This special inversion table comes with a 1-year warranty by its manufacturer.

You may get it unassembled, but don’t worry because you can assemble it with the help of manual and tools. You can adjust the vibration massage pad to different parts of your body. If you are looking for instant relief from back pain, make sure to choose Health Gear Advanced Inversion table. It will solve your lots of muscle and back pain problems.

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