Exerpeutic Inversion Table with Comfort Foam Backrest Review

exerpeutic inversion table

Are you suffering from back pain, achy hips, herniated discs or posture problems? You are in need of a solid inversion table, such as Exerpeutic Inversion Table. The exerpeutic inversion table is designed with backrest padded with foam.

With its durable and strong frame coated with scratch resistant powder finish, it can be a durable and comfortable choice for you. With its foam vinyl-padded backrest, you can do inversion exercises while keeping your back and head relaxed.

The extra-long handles are designed for safety so that you can easily return to your upright position. This table offers excellent relief from back pain and stress.

exerpeutic inversion table
exerpeutic inversion table

Fortunately, Exerpeutic Inversion Table comes at an affordable price. With the help of inversion exercises, you can get rid of back strain and stress and relieve pressure on the ligaments and vertebrae discs. It can reduce your fatigue and relax your overall body.

With its high-quality padding, it will increase your comfort and decrease the feelings of fatigue. If you are feeling any pain or stress in your back, start using this inversion table and get rid of all these problems.

You can buy it at an affordable rate for efficient and easy inversion therapy. For a convenient way to relieve the gravity pull on the spine and invert at home, the exerpeutic inversion table can be a good choice for you.

How does it work?

Exerpeutic Inversion Table will promote stimulation of your blood circulation that may result in relief of pain and stiffness muscles. It can increase the flexibility of your body and improve athletic performance. There is no need to worry about your time because only 5 to 10 minutes of inversion is enough on a regular basis.

This short exercise will help you to get rid of pain and aches due to standing, sitting and other causes of stress in your muscles.

Key Features

Exerpeutic Inversion Table allows users to hang in a comfortable upside-down posture while taking all of your gravity-induced strain off of your spine. You can get the advantage of adjustable tether and ankle holder. Here are some key and additional features of Exerpeutic Inversion Table:

Comfortable Backrest:

You can comfortably complete your exercise on the foam padded soft backrest. This padded backrest is almost .75 inches thick and it will offer maximum cushion to your body. The soft foam is an excellent feature of this table for maximum comfort.

Cushions and Foam Rollers:

With foam cushions and rollers, it can secure your ankles. You can easily adjust the table from a comfortable pull-pin release system. Adjust the table without bending for it. You may have some pressure on ankles and feet and it will require you to limit your inversion.

Handle Bars:

Full loop extra-long foam covered soft handle bars offer maximum control to your body. It is easy to return to an upright position with the help of these extra-long bars.

Durable Steel Frame:

The durable steel 1.5-inch frame is designed with powder coated durable finish.

Adjusted to the Height of Users:

You can adjust the height of this table for different users between 4’ 10” to 6’ 6”.


The exerpeutic table is easy to assemble. It frame is designed with a powder coated finish for a scratch resistant and polished look. You can comfortably invert to any angle without having claustrophobic feels.

Additional Features

Along with some basic features, here are some extra features and benefits of Exerpeutic Inversion table:

Secure Locking System:

The combination of ankle cushions and foam roller provide maximum security and safety by holding your ankles. With easy pull pin ankle can release the system easily.

Invert to 180 Degrees Position:

With the help of tether strap, you can adjust the angles up to 180 degrees for vertical position. It is easy to relocate or store with its foldable frame.


The exerpeutic inversion table comes with the longest 5-year warranty from manufacturer. All workmanship and parts, including hardware, pedals, wheels, tension mechanisms, shocks, cables, pulleys, ball bearing, foam and upholstery are designed to be free from defects for almost 90 days.


Improve the circulation of blood in your body and relax your back with the help of unique exerpeutic inversion table. It comes with adjustable height and 300 lbs. weight capacity. It has some good and bad points and you have to consider them.


  • Durable steel frame, powder coated finish and padded backrest
  • Table features fully covered handle bars to make your work out safe and easy
  • Handle bars are safe to use because these are not treated with any non-slip material
  • Invert at almost 180 degrees angle
  • Adjustable backrest with tether strap to securely clip it to the backrest and frame
  • Convenient to clean vinyl and padded backrest
  • Foam led rollers and padded holders for ankles
  • Safety locking system to secure this table to its place
  • Foldable for storage and easy to move from one place to another


  • It can be difficult to move this table around.
  • It weighs almost 64 pounds and requires your maximum efforts for movement
  • Unlike other inversion tables, it is not easy to fold it down
  • Folding up requires you to remove backrest
  • You may get it unassembled so you have to assemble it that can be hard work.

Final Verdict

If you are suffering from chronic back pain, you can use this table for your treatment. This product is designed for those people who don’t have extra money for the treatment of their back pain. You can purchase it even within your budget and start using it without any problem.

You can treat muscle fatigue and chronic back pain. Start using it and feel the difference in your health after some days. Exerpeutic inversion therapy table can be a good investment for anyone who is interested in the inversion therapy.

You can adjust the control and movement of the table with the help of easy instructions. This table offers you the maximum control over your body while performing inversion exercises.

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