Elite Fitness Inversion Table Instructions

Elite Fitness Inversion Table Instructions
Elite Fitness Inversion Table Instructions

Elite fitness Inversion table is an essential therapeutic device that can help relive back pain, improve circulation and easy joint tension among others at the comfort of home and without having to hire a fitness professional. The table works by placing the user’s body in line with the downward gravitational force thereby elongating spine, increasing the space between the vertebrae and relieving pressure on nerve roots, joint discs and ligaments.

Factors to Consider When Buying Elite Fitness Inversion Table Instructions

It is not enough to walk into a fitness shop and purchase the fitness therapeutic table to purchase. There are several factors to take into account before committing to buy one. Here the most important of these factors.

Elite Fitness Inversion Table Instructions
Elite Fitness Inversion Table Instructions

Effectiveness And Reliability

The first and most important consideration is the effectiveness and reliability of the fitness equipment you choose. It should feature a design and size range that can fit your height and weight specifications. This is the only way it will align your body in order to achieve the fitness and the desired therapeutic effects.

The elite fitness inversion therapeutic table should be reliable, able to serve you when you need it and how you want it. It may not be possible to know exactly how reliable the fitness equipment is without having used it earlier. The best source of such information is the online forums where prior and current users discuss their experiences with the product. Alternatively, you can look for a friend with one and try using it. Sample a variety to come up with the most effective and reliable.


It is counterproductive to purchase a fitness inversion table that is not comfortable and stable. Choose one that has multiple-position bench that can allow the spine to decompress and stretch confidently at multiple angles, the right base frame that can create stability, as may be the case with poorly floored basements and garages.

Other ergonomic features may include breathable fabric back pad, handlebars possible with foam covering, padded headrest, and right sized foam leg rollers as well as built-in height adjustment selector among other great features. The height range and the carriage capacity are important considerations. In other words, keep in mind your weight and height while doing your research. You may need an expert knowledge to know the important ergonomic features, which you may get by talking to customer care personnel as well fitness experts.

Strength and Durability

Elite fitness inversion tableChoosing a strong and durable elite fitness inversion therapeutic table is not only cost effective but also provides safety. The best inversion table is one made from strong and highly durable materials. It should feature tubular stainless steel fames with powder-coated finish making it capable of withstanding abrasions and bruises that can wear and tears it easily. When it comes to padding, the table should feature tough nylon backrest and headrest.

To know how strong and durable a product is, you can infer it from the warranty period. The longer the warranty period the better quality the product is. This is because it shows the level of confidence a manufacturing company has Ion their products. Most manufacturers of these products offer one-year limited warranty. Try to find one with longer warranty period.

Safety And Stability

Despite the fact that fitness equipment is supposed to provide sufferers of back pain with relief, some can cause serious accidents because of poor safety and stability features. The best elite fitness inversion table should feature non-skid floor stabilizers particularly those made of rubber, multi-level locking system, and ankle locking system as well as inverting stretch handgrips. The latter provides for easy return to the upright position without any risks of falling.

The safety handles should also have safety covers to prevent slip. Other safety and stability features include protective floor caps to prevent marring, four-point base frame to allow stability on uneven surfaces as well as an encased rotation bed frame to eliminate pinch points. Research for other important safety and stability features do decide the best inversion therapeutic table.

Ease Of Handling And Maintenance

Any product should not be considered good if it needs sophistication to use or is too complicated for maintenance. Choose an inversion table that is fitted with features that make it easy to handle, clean and store. The frame design should allow for easy folding and therefore storage. It should also be lighter for portability.

You may not be able know about these features before you have a chance to try one. The best way to go is to find out from those who have used the inversion therapeutic tables of interest before in online user forums. When it comes to cleaning, the table should be made of easy to clean materials that do not stain easily. In case it is a type that needs to be assembled on site, the table should come with an easy to follower user’s manual.


One of the limiting factors when it comes to the choice of the best inversion therapeutic table is the buyer’s budget. It is not possible to spend what you do not have. The good news is there a good quality product with every budget. All it takes is to carryout excessive research online, compare prices and take advantages of discounts and coupons that can revise down the total cost you ought to pay for the product.

At times, the best way to go is look for a used inversion table that is still in good condition. You can look for someone who wants to sell his or her table. Alternatively, many online retailers also deal in such used products that have passed the quality check. However, you have to be careful not to purchase worn out or damaged inversion fitness table.

Top 4 Elite Fitness Inversion Table

Ironman ATIS 4000 Inversion Table

Ironman ATIS 4000 Inversion Table

For your back pains and other back-related problems, Ironman ATIS 4000 Inversion Table is your ultimate solution. This inversion table helps diminish back ache, fatigue and stress, keeps the back healthy and strong and aids people in acquiring abs.

It is very popular because of its durability, usefulness and efficiency in reducing discomfort caused by back pain and stress as well as in developing flexibility and abs among athletes. This inversion table is a product of Ironman Fitness, a company that is well-known worldwide as maker of fitness equipment such as treadmills, stationery cycles, elliptical trainers and weight benches. It holds various patents on these products and has received awards for its excellent fitness equipments.

Main features list

The Ironman ATIS 4000 Inversion Table is sold at $317.94 and will be shipped to you for free, making the total acquisition costs much lower than that of similar products in the market. This inversion table has the following special features, which makes it different from its competitors:

– Combines as an inversion table, back stress and pain reliever and abs training system
– Has a spacious steel tubing and soft and wide backrest
– Can be adjusted into 10 locked angles and with inverted handgrips for maximum stretching
– Fit for people with a maximum height of 6 feet and 6 inches and a weight of 320 lbs
– Removable pillow for lumbar support
– Has an ergonomically molded ankle cushion
– Extra-long safety handles
– Side holder for cell phones, wallets, eye glasses, watches and other small items

Who is it for?

Ironman ATIS 4000 Inversion Table is ultimately useful for people with backs that are always stressed and fatigued due to walking and sitting down for hours. Athletes who are trying to make their bodies more flexible also find the item a good aid in their training. Also, people who want to develop abs will find the fulfillment of their desire in this inversion table. Its long safety handles allow you to return to the upright position safely and the inverted grips make you stretch your body more.

Pros and Cons

The Ironman ATIS 4000 Inversion Table offers several locking angles and allows the users to be in the position in which they feel most comfortable. T has inverted hand-grips that will help improve the user’s strechability. It has an ergonomic ankle cushion that reduces discomfort. It has a side holder for the small items that user needs to put aside while doing the workout. Going up and getting down on it is made easy by the wide foot platform. It is also helpful for people with injured discs and ligaments and for athletes who want to improve their flexibility and performance. Furthermore, it can help slow down the aging process.

Why you should buy it

This device is durable and handy, offering a lot of uses for one single product. The benefits that can be derived from using it can greatly affect your health. With its affordable price and free shipping, this product offers you a lot in terms of an inversion table.


Ironman ATIS 4000 Inversion Table offers a lot of uses and is reasonably priced. Buying it is a good investment that will turn out into better health.

IRONMAN Gravity Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table


Of all the types of muscular ailments that you can experience, few are more debilitating than back pain. The Ironman Gravity Inversion Table is just what you need in order to reduce the stress on your back, for it also has several other benefits as well. The inversion of your body allows for stimulated blood flow to your brain and vital organs, reducing fatigue and generally giving a feeling of wellbeing to the user.

Ironman Gravity Inversion Tables specialize in creating products to vastly improve their customer’s health. A recent invention, inversion therapy involving these tables is becoming increasingly more recognized as a great way to increase healthiness. It in all probability is essential for anyone who suffers from chronic back pain and wants an easy to use, at home solution.

The Ironman Gravity Inversion Table also features ergonomically molded ankle cushions to reduce the amount of pressure on your feet and ankles when you are in an inclined position.

The Ironman Gravity Inversion Table can safely support up to 300 pounds and the adjustable frame can accommodate users up to 6’6″ tall. It also features vinyl safety side covers to protect your hands and fingers.

Ironman Gravity 2000 Features and Specifications

– Ironman Gravity Dimensions: 49 x 26 x 65 inches
– Shipping Weight: 58 pounds
– Sturdy inversion table for reducing back stress and stimulating circulation
– Durable tubular steel frame, tough nylon backrest, and powder-coated finish
– Tough rubber non-skid floor stabilizers; inverts up to 90 degrees
– Ergonomically molded ankle cushions; supports up to 300 pounds
– Folds for storage
– Ironman Gravity Reviews
– 300 lb. weight capacity
– Vinyl covered foam backrest
– Strong steel frame that supports up to 300 lbs.
– 10 level tether strap locking system to ensure safety in use
– Accommodates users up to 6 feet and 6 inches.
– Conveniently folds away for storage.
– Weighs 75 lbs.
– 90 degree inversion for total relief.
– Non-slip foot stabilizers

The Ironman Gravity Inversion Table is receiving excellent reviews online. We found 87 reviews and the average user rating is 4.75 stars. A couple of people are saying that it took them between 45 minutes and an hour to assemble but one woman said that she had this inversion table put together in under 20 minutes. Another reviewer said that he has owned two other inversion tables in the past, from other manufacturers, and the Ironman Gravity was the easiest to assemble.

People are experiencing a great deal of pain relief using the Ironman Gravity Inversion Table.

Who is it for?

The Ironman Gravity Inversion Tableisperfect for anyone suffering from back pain or anyone who could use the revitalizing effects that inversion has to offer. Improved cardiovascular performance will lead to an overall healthier feeling plagued with little fatigue.

Pros and cons

In fact, this inversion table even comes with positive side effects. The inversion of the human body allows for increased blood flow to the brain, a phenomenon that reduces fatigue and tiredness. The obvious benefits of this inversion table lie in the improvements of health and wellness provided by it.

The Ironman Gravity Inversion Table is a great way to simultaneously reduce the stress on the vertebrae in your back while improving overall cardiovascular health and wellness. On top of that, the vinyl foam padding allows for a comfortable inversion experience, especially when considering the added safety of the tether strap system.

It’s an obvious money saver when considering alternative methods for treating back pain. The relief provided by the table comes without the harmful side effects of pharmaceuticals and is also far less expensive than physical therapy and massage therapy as well.

Why you should buy it

Everyone could stand for improved cardiovascular health and elimination of fatigue. The way it works is by decompressing your spine in order for the vertebrae to not be burdened down by the weight of carrying your entire body. Even if you do not suffer from chronic back pain, the benefits to your spinal column may act in preventative ways as well.


With its price tag of $159.99, the Ironman Gravity Inversion Table offers a great means of back relief and wellness without having to shell out for more expensive remedies.


Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Sport Inversion Table

Teeter Hang Ups EP-560

Usually inversion therapy tables do not conform to any standards like other fitness products do, however, Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Sport Inversion Therapy Table comes good as a striking exception. Ranked ahead of its competitors for its weight load capacity, durability and strength, this table comes with a working combination of sophisticated technology and exceptional engineering. Teeter, its maker, has stood apart for many years now, all because of the quality of the inversion tables that it has been supplying ever since it began making fitness products.


  • Flex technology
  • Injection-molded bed design
  • Teeter Gravity Boots
  • Pre set rotation control
  • EZ Stretch Traction handles improve your stretching activity and enhance traction
  • An adjustable pillow and adjustable platform for foot with dual settings
  • Ez angle tether strap
  • Cam locks
  • Automatically locking hinges
  • Pivot bearings and de-rattler knob for vibration-less rotation
  • Triple plated chrome laced with powder coating for that scratch free look
  • Capacity 300 pounds
  • 5 Year Warranty

Who is it for?

If you have had redundant back issues, this is yours. Is it the best inversion table for all those people with sore backs, sciatic disorders, and herniated pain? For the price at which it retails, it better be one.

Pros and Cons

The first thing that strikes you about Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Sport Inversion Therapy Table is range of motion. At a wider range, one can stretch greater than what is possible with other machines. Therefore, chances of realigning the strained muscles are more than the other inversion tables out there.

Its sturdy body, durable quality, comfortable features and safety standards along with those adjustable pillows let you exercise well until your back takes the effects of enhanced stretching. Unlike other cheaper inversion tables, Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Sport Inversion Table offers great lockout safety features, thereby making one feel on top of their balance while rotation takes place.

For the muscles to relax, one has to slide till the body stretches out to an optimum degree, without rattling or any kind of minor vibration that dampers one’s confidence and progress. It’s pretty customizable with all those modifiable accessories and precisely balanced.

Your body can fit in comfortably and securely, when the thing is set up. Since its 90% pre-assembled you would not find setting it up tricky either. The neck pillow helps increase blood circulation and relaxes muscles thereby.

As for downsides, there is a clear oversight in terms of swapping the standard ankle support with something like the gravity boot bar. Traction handle is said to be a dampener, and not many users have found it useful, considering their price. Also, since the table is heavy at the bottom, it would not fold easily, thus making it slightly difficult to store them.

Why you should buy it

Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Sport Inversion Therapy Table is quite trendy and comes loaded with a number of salient features that look very good on this table. Thanks to its distinctive engineering design, this model does justice to the main idea of using inversion therapy to heal one’s back.


Weigh its benefits with price, you will certainly not ignore it. It’s a champion product.

Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table

Body Max IT6000 Inversion

As you would know, the phenomenon called inversion therapy works on one’s back, supporting the muscles in there, by way of spine decompression as well as elongation. Many started believing in positive effects of undergoing this therapy, which was a good reason for fitness product makers to come up with inversion therapy tables, which in their own way treat back related problems. However, not all tables are first rate makes. As with any other thing, there is an exception- the Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table.

Many people are turning to an inversion table for therapy to ease an aching back. Folks who engage in exercise also find inversion therapy an aid to becoming more flexible and to relax after a tough workout. Inversion tables work by allowing the discs and ligaments of the spine to decompress and relax while you are in the inverted position.

There is a spring-loaded pin which makes adjustment of the ankle supports easy and the ankles have four rollers to keep the feet in position.


The Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table is available for sale at just $114.97 only amazon.com. Something I consider as steal. A small compilation of its features are as follows.

– Control inverting angles by means of safety strap
– Secure a position with the dual pin system
– Easily storable and transportable
– Handrails (U shaped)
– Dual Pin System (Deluxe) with a good range for height adjustment. 4’8” inches to 6’3” inches.
– Easy ankle adjustments
– Weight: 46 pounds
– Capacity: up to 250 pounds
– Dimensions: 55 *28*56 inches
– Inversion therapy table for elongating the spine and relaxing back muscles
– Deluxe dual-pin adjustment system with height range of 4′ 8″ to 6′ 3″
– Lower spring-loaded pull pin for easy ankle adjustments
– Safety strap lets you control inverting angles
– Safety lock to keep the table secure and stable
– Folds up for easy storage and transport
– U-shaped handrails
– 250-pound capacity

The Reviews

The Body Max IT6000 inversion table reviews that we read were many and they were almost unanimous in their praise of the unit’s effectiveness. It was generally reckoned to be well-made and comfortable to use, and many people reported an easing of back pain after just a few sessions of using it.

Assembly of the unit was said to be straightforward and could be managed by one person as the bolts were already inserted in the correct holes. Once assembled the unit is stable and gave people the confidence to use it in the inverted position.

Some reviewers pointed out a couple issues they had with the Body max IT6000. One problem concerned the ankle supports which were said to be flimsy and uncomfortable to use. Another person had the pin which retains the selected height adjustment break after just a short time.

There were some users who didn’t think that the Body Max IT6000 was the best inversion table on the market but, because of the large number of reviews which gave the model very high ratings, we would recommend it as a safe buy. It does have some limitations but at the price it is available for, most of these can easily be overcome or tolerated.

Who is it for?

This could be a perfect fit for those who are in pursuit of fitness machines that offer complete relief of back aches, lower back spasms, lumbar disorders and herniated pain of similar form. Others who want to have a fit and fine back can jump in and float as they turn defying gravity.

Pros and Cons

Using Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table is easier than you would have thought, for it is quickly adjustable and that it offers a decent height range. It is not a big deal to set it to right fit so you feel less discomfort in the ankles. In addition, the ankle pads come with thick padding so you can put your feet down even as you start inverting.

Talking about defects, the ankle strap problem is felt in this one as well. It’s high time the maker did something to get this sorted out, as this is one problem that is found in almost all of its inversion tables. Lock in options could have been far better. Similarly, one needs to make a few adjustments, to do which one could use other’s assistance. Sometimes, the table gets in to a position from which you would need to do a handstand or crawl backward to be able to come back to normal state from an inverted position.


Despite some drawbacks as reported by some owners, most of the reviewers were quite keen about buying this product, which is an indication that its pros outweigh cons. Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table is without doubt one of the cheapest options that offer first class results.


If you are suffering from chronic back pain or you are involved in fitness routines and you are looking to purchase the best elite fitness inversion table then the above-discussed factors will definitely help you arrive at the best decision. Take your time and carryout an extensive research before you proceed to avoid making mistakes that could prove costly.

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