Best Inversion Table for Lower Back Pain

Best Inversion Table for Lower Back Pain

Inversion therapy has become popular for treating chronic lower back pains. It is known to have many distinct benefits over other forms of therapies for the treatment of back pains. Inversion tables have gained popularity among people who have moved to inversion therapy for alleviating their lower back pains.

You can perform inversion sessions using inversion tables. During these sessions, the users tilt his/her body at a specific angle by lying flat on the inversion table bed. Their ankles are generally secured by the ankle lock which protects the ankles from high pressure and potential injuries while doing inversions.

Inversion tables help to reduce your acute lower back pain. Regularly doing inversion sessions also improve the overall health of your spine. It can also enhance your mobility and body movements.

There are different types of inversion tables available in the market with varying features. It generally becomes difficult for a layman to purchase the best inversion table due to the complexity of features.

The current article provides detailed insights on the benefits of using inversion tables for lower back pain. It also provides a buying guide to the users on purchasing inversion tables. The different factors to be considered while buying a good inversion table is also detailed. The best inversion tables available in the market are reviewed for helping users to choose the best one for them.

Why You Should Use Inversion Table for Lower Back Pain?

Inversion tables are ideal for treating long-term lower back pain. The following are the key benefits of using an inversion table:

Improved Spinal Health

Bad posture can lead to inappropriate spinal alignment. The spinal misalignment can happen due to lot of stress being put on it due to improper posture. Using inversion tables regularly helps to invert your body downwards and improves spinal misalignment and overall spinal health.

Soothes Chronic Back Pain

Using inversion table provides relief from chronic and acute lower back pains. It also reduces your dependence and consumption of medication. It improves the overall flexibility of your spinal areas and keeps you free from lower back pain.

Prevents the Need to Undergo Surgery

You can prevent many medical complications and the need to undergo surgery for acute lower back pain by using inversion tables. These inversion tables can provide relief in lower back pain and prevent further damage. It is a good alternative for people who would have otherwise resorted to undergoing surgery for lower back pain.

Improved Mobility

Severe and chronic back pain limits people’s ability to do physical exercise as they are apprehensive of aggravating the pain. However, not working out or exercising can do more damage to the back pain. It can further compound and worsen it which can limit your mobility considerably. Using an inversion table helps to alleviate lower back pain and improves your mobility.
How to Choose the Best Inversion Table for Lower Back Pain?

You can consider the following features before buying the best inversion table for lower back pain:

Build Quality

The most important physical feature of an inversion table is perhaps its frame. The frame should be made of high-quality material which can last for a long time. It should also be able to take your entire body weight without malfunctioning. You can also consider buying inversion tables with floor stabilizers. It will protect it from slipping across the floor during working out.

Space and Portability

Inversion tables should ideally be lightweight and portable. You should always prefer an inversion table which can be folded and kept in compact storage spaces. Some inversion tables also come with inbuilt wheels which make them highly portable and easier to transport. You should also check the space which it will take when fully assembled as it should not take up most of your space. You will require some space during inversion sessions to be safe and comfortable.


An inversion table should be comfortable otherwise it will most likely be discarded by you. You can check features like padded backrest, heat and vibration features, ankle locks, rotation features, etc. which will provide excellent comfort during inversion sessions. You should also try to buy inversion tables with lumbar support if you are suffering from lower back pains.


Safety is critical while buying an inversion table. You should check safety features being offered by the inversion table. The body frame of the inversion table should be made using good quality steel which will be durable. There should also be ankle locks for safety and comfort. Vinyl side covers are also important as they protect the fingers from injury during working out.

Price and Brand Quality

The brand and price being charged should also be considered before buying. You should not focus to buy the cheapest inversion table only. It can be of inferior quality and do more damage to you in the future. You should always purchase from established and reputed brands to get the best quality inversion table.

Top 5 Best Inversion Table for Lower Back Pain Reviews And Buying Guide

1.Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table

The Innova ITX9600 is an affordable and versatile inversion table. Has good height range settings which allows users ranging from 4ft-10 inches to 6ft-6 inches to comfortably use it. It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and is fit for almost any user.

It features 6 angle pins for providing you with the most comfortable and desired inversion angle for getting the best results. This inversion table has a maximum inversion angle of 170 degrees. The Innova ITX9600 inversion table comes with full length and non-slip safety handles which are conveniently placed on either side of the frame.

This allows you to invert comfortably in an upright position. This inversion table also has excellent stability. It comes with the unique True Balance systems which allows you to find your specific center of gravity while working out.

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Comfort is an important factor to consider while buying an inversion table for lower back pain. The Innova ITX9600 inversion table comes with head cushion and full back cushioning which provides complete comfort to you.

The foam used in the cushioning is of good quality and is 1-inch thick. The support cushioning of this inversion table comes with a coating of vinyl that makes it more durable and sturdier. This inversion table also has thoughtful ankle holders. The heel holders have foam and are designed in an ergonomic manner and come with dense padding to provide you maximum comfort.

Assembling this inversion table is easy and can be done without facing much hassles. You can assemble the parts conveniently by referring to the user manual. Another advantage of buying the Innova ITX9600 inversion table is that it is much lighter than similar inversion tables in the market.

It weighs only 55 pounds which makes it more portable and convenient to move around. One drawback of this inversion table is that it is not completely foldable. You will need to adjust its height setting to the shortest height option to make it smaller and more compact for storage. The frame of this inversion table is covered under 1 year of warranty.

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  • Comes with 180-degrees inversion angle which allows your spine to stretch and release tension.
  • The build quality is good with a sturdy frame design.
  • Suitable for all kind of users.
  • Easy assembly without expert guidance or supervision.


  • Does not come with lumbar pad.
  • No ankle straps for safety and relieving tension in the ankles.
  • There is no locking pin to keep the folded frame together.

2.Innova ITM5900 Advanced Heat and Massage Inversion Therapy Table

The ITM5900 is one of the most advanced inversion tables from Innova. The most distinct and highlighted feature of this inversion table is its vertical back pad which covers your entire spine portion.

It has a contour integrated lumbar pad which provides soothing and effective heat and massage therapy to the users. The elevated bump on the vertical back pad provides further cushioning and support to the users.

This vertical back pad is so popular that the manufacturer has filed a patent for it. This inversion table is designed for any type of users as it can be used for people with height ranging from 4ft-10 inches to 6-ft 6 inches.

It can also take weights of up to 300 pounds and can accommodate most users due to its versatile features. The heavy-duty steel frame used to build this inversion table ensures durability and long lifespan.

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The headrest has good quality cushioning and provides excellent support and comfort. It is an adjustable headrest which is detached from the vertical back pad. This makes the headrest more versatile and customizable to the needs and comforts of different users.

This inversion table comes with the patented 5 position pin angle safety system. It provides you different angles which you can prefer based on your comfort and requirements. The ITM 5900 inversion table can be tilted at an angle of 180 degrees. The backboard of this inversion table can be adjusted in 5 different angles- 15, 30, 45, 60, or 85 degrees.

The inversion table is ergonomically designed and comes with ankle holding slots which provide support and comfort to the users. It also ensures that you are secure, relaxed, and comfortable during inversion. The True Balance system also makes inversion easier and more effective.

This inversion table features soft yet sturdy handlebars which provide excellent grip and comfort during inversion. Overall, the ITM5900 is a highly recommended inversion table for back pain.


  • Sturdy build quality due to heavy duty steel frame construction.
  • Additional comfort during inversion due to two-way adjustment system.
  • Extended handle for ankle support.
  • Comes with a lumbar pad.


  • Requires a larger storage space.
  • Does not feature the True Balance system.
  • It is heavy compared to similar inversion tables in the market.

3.Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table

Teeter is a leading brand in the market of inversion tables. The Teeter EP-560 is one of the best inversion tables in the market. regular use of this inversion table provides soothing relief to your back pain. It also aids in improving blood circulation, relieves muscle and joint stress, improves muscle and back strength, and improves your overall posture.

This inversion table weighs 60 pounds and is portable and compact. It can be used comfortably users in a height range of 4-ft 8 inches to 6-ft 6 inches.

The durable build quality of this inversion table can support weights of up to 300 pounds. The frame is made using carbon steel which is very durable and comes with an elegant glossy finish.

The Teeter EP-560 inversion table is completely foldable which makes it easier to store. It can be stored in small and compact spaces. This inversion table comes with specially designed ankle locks which keeps you secure and comfortable during inversion.

The ankle locks are adequately padded and designed to ensure low ankle pressure during inversion sessions. There is a comfort dial which allows you to adjust the size of the ankle lock based on the size of your ankles and desired comfort.

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This inversion table is very convenient to assemble and can be done by the users themselves. You can refer to the user manual provided with the product and complete the installation in a hassle-free manner.

You also get an adjustable headrest which can be customized depending upon your comfort and requirements during inversion. The rotation angles can be adjusted easily with this inversion table. Another unique feature of this inversion table is that it does not come with the usual padded backrest.

It features ComofrtTrack Bed made from toughened plastic and can suit any body shape. You get a 5-year warranty which is one of the highest compared to other inversion tables.


  • Only inversion table cleared by FDA for back pain and muscle relief.
  • Excellent build quality and high durability.
  • Comes with patented wrap around ankle cuffs.
  • Compact and portable inversion table.


  • It is made of plastic which may break over time.
  • Lacks extended reach ankles system.

4.Health Gear ITM5500 Advanced Technology Inversion Table

The ITM5500 advanced technology inversion table provides a complete blend of features and affordability. You get access to loads of premium features without having to spend heavily. The build quality is excellent due to the use of high-quality steel frame.

The hinges are also of good build quality which makes inversion sessions on this inversion table totally safe and secure. Users with a height between 5-ft 1 inches to 6-ft 6 inches can easily use this inversion table. It can support user weights of up to 300 pounds.

It comes with a 4-inch dense memory-style foam which not only provides you comfort but keeps you free from stress during your inversion sessions. The backrest features a contoured design which provides better grip and comfort to the users.

You also get a removable heat and vibration pad with the backrest which can provide soothing heat and massage during inversion sessions. The inversion table can be made to work at angles of 20, 40, and 60 degrees. It can also be made to invert at 90 degrees for a full tilt.

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There is also in-built ankle support and security system which provides security and comfort to you. You can adjust these ankle locks to get the desired level of tension and support.
The ITM5500 is a super smooth and one of the best inversion tables for lower back pain.

It is a foldable inversion table and comes with built-in wheels which makes storing and transporting it very convenient. The pricing provides excellent value for money considering the features offered.


  • Versatile inversion table for users of different weights and height.
  • It is designed using steel tubing which makes it very durable.
  • Excellent padded backrest for comfort.
  • Foldable design for easy storage and portability.


  • Does not invert up to full 180 degrees.
  • It lacks an extended reach ankles system.
  • Costlier compared to similar inversion tables.

5.Yoleo Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table

The Yoleo Gravity Heavy Duty inversion table is a modern and ergonomically design inversion table for lower back pain. It comes with the True Balance feature which provides total security and comfort during your inversion sessions.

There is a safety belt provided with this inversion table which provides additional security and safety to the users. The safety belt can be adjusted to meet the user’s size. The backrest of the inversion table is extended in design. It is very comfortable and covers the entire waist curve.

There is also a removable lumbar pillow for additional support to your back during the inversion sessions.

You will also get full loop handlebars with this inversion table. It helps to provide comfort and return to the upright position while working out. The body frame of the inversion table is built using high-quality steel which ensures durability.

It comes in a unique triangular design which provides more safety and stability while doing inversions. This is a versatile inversion table as it can easily be used by people with height up to 6-ft 6 inches. It also supports user weights of up to 300 pounds.

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You get a precision rotating feature which helps to shift body weights with simple and minimal movements. The safety lock pin system used in this inversion table makes it more safe and secure while inverting.

There is also ankle holding system which securely locks your angle for total comfort and security during inversion sessions. It protects your ankles form heavy pressures and injuries. This inversion table is compact and can be stored in compact spaces due to its foldable design.

It can also be easily transported. It is one of the best inversion tables for lower back pain available in the market at this price point.


  • It features steel frame which is durable and provides more balanced workouts.
  • Features easy adjustments for backrest and ankles.
  • Comes with safety pin for additional security.
  • Seat belt feature for greater safety.


  • It does not fold completely.
  • Compared to other inversion tables, there are fewer features.

Buying Guide for Best Inversion Table for Lower Back Pain

You should treat buying an inversion table like a long-term investment. You should not be tempted to buy cheap inversion tables to save money. It is recommending to always buy a good quality inversion table even if it costs more.

Cheaper inversion tables can be dangerous and compromise your safety. You will not want your inversion table to break while you are performing your inversion sessions. It is always better to make a budget and then buy the best inversion table in that range.

To be safe you should always prefer to buy inversion tables with frames made of carbon steel.

In addition to safety, comfort is another important factor while buying an inversion table. You should check the features like ankle lock, padded bedrest, cushioned handlebars, etc.

You can also check the control of rotation which an inversion table provides. Inversion tables with controllable rotation degrees should be preferred. Entry-level inversion tables do not have motors and the user has to use his energy to rotate the bed.

More advanced and premium inversion tables make use of power motor which allows you to do the inversions effortlessly. If your budget permits, then you should prefer motor powered inversion tables.


Best Inversion Table for Lower Back Pain
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